Forsíða Map of Iceland Land areas Norðurland eystra

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The price is $14.95 for our latest version of our Iceland map for Garmin devices and OruxMaps (Android app). When purchased you have the option to download four versions of our Iceland map:

a) Garmin (Full version) - Full version for newer devices. Download our install program that installs the Iceland Map to a Garmin GPS device

b) Garmin (Light version) - Light version is designed more optimally for older devices. It is without elevation on the height contours and outlines of buildings. Download our install program that installs the Iceland Map to a Garmin GPS device

c) Android OruxMaps (Full version) - Full version specifically designed for the OruxMaps app for Android

d) Android OruxMaps (Light version) - Light version is without the elevation numbers on the height contours

You are allowed to install the map to all your Garmin GPS devices and/or Android devices. You are not allowed to give others access to the map!

Note: This is NOT the MapSource / nRoute version. That version costs $29.95 (see here).


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1. This map is designed for GPS devices from Garmin, and especially the nüvi range, although it works on more types of Garmin devices.
2. This map is not made in cooperation with Garmin Intl. and is totally made with a 3rd party software.
3. This map is property of Some raw data in the map are from other publicaly available data and used lawfully.
4. You cannot edit the design or use data in the map without permission.
5. Author of this map is not responsible for any damages that may occur when installing the map or using the map.
6. Author is not responsible for any inaccuracy or errors in the map.
7. Users take full responsibility on all use of this product.



Map properties
  • Routable
  • Cities / Towns
  • Addresses
  • House numbers
  • Postal Codes
  • Elevations (20m)
  • Point of interests (POI)
  • Building outlines
  • Terrains 
Point of interests (POI)
  • Pharmacies
  • Banks
  • Bars
  • Gas stations
  • Airports
  • Golf courses
  • Hotels
  • Cafe's
  • Theaters
  • Fitness centers
  • Police stations
  • Night clubs
  • Schools
  • Fast foods
  • Hospitals
  • Swimming pools
  • Museums
  • Restaurants
  • Shops & molls
  • Landmarks (and much more)

Point of Interest (POI) includes location, postal code, address and phone number if applicable.

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Latest version:
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MapSource / nRoute version.

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Map for Garmin & Android.

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Map for Garmin & Android.